Outcomes of Childhood TraumaListen now (10 min) | In Episode 39, we have a special guest host, Dr. Kimberly French, to discuss her paper (French, Drummond, Storey, 2022) on how experiencing psychological neglect and abuse as a child leads to a reduced sense of control and social support as an adult, thus…
We Can and Must Do Better
BONUS: Leadership, Stress, and Marvel ComicsListen now (20 min) | Interview with Sy Islam and Gordon Schmidt
and why we absolutely should fight for them
Taking it Out on Your PartnerListen now (9 min) | In Episode 38, we discuss a paper by Pluut, Ilies, Su, Weng, & Liang (2022) on how social stressors at work can impact how you…
April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month
Unhelpful HelpListen now (13 min) | We’re back from our unexpected hiatus! In Episode 37, we discuss a paper by Hughes, Freier, & Barratt (2022) on the experience of…
The importance of inclusion at work
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